Why Blog

4 Jan

Why are you here?

Why are you reading this?

Maybe you want something to cheer you up.  Give you a reason to keep going.  Or, could it be you are really wondering about why to blog.

Me, I am blogging to do something different and get more out of my thoughts.

You know, questions I ask God, myself and others.  Ideas about why…

What is the meaning of life.  Ask someone close to you what the meaning of life is and listen to what they have to say.  I believe most responses will not answer the question.  Do you know the answer?

Writing here will help me improve my grammar, spelling and punctuation.

By the end of the year, my book will have been published, and my wisdom shared along with some understanding.

Why blog?

Do you know an easier and faster way to learn how to weave words together to lead others in how and why to do the same.

Word Weaver I am and shall ever be.  Sharing with you what words mean to me.

Weaving words together in such a way others will gain wisdom and understand, knowingly and unknowingly.

Sharing an idea of a pain that separates body and soul.

Having gone into a deep, dark, dismal pit of despair from which I thought I would never recover.  You sent me there with your words.

Occasionally, after someone has said something hurtful to me, I ask them, how does it make you feel, knowing what you said sent me into a deep, dark, dismal pit of despair from which I may never recover?

They laugh the question off.  I smile.  We go on with what we were doing.

Until the next time something is said that hurts me or someone else.  The question is asked again.

Why blog?

To ask questions that provoke thoughts, to stir you up as well as myself as well, to action.

To let you be the judge.

As you read, you judge.  Wanting to not judge, will not keep you from judging my words and how they are presented.

Why blog?

To answer questions.

What is the meaning of life?

What does life mean?

What is my purpose?  My purpose is the same as yours.

To please God.

Your obedience nor your works please Him.

Only one thing pleases Him.



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