14 Jan

Why are you so sloppy?

You, simply, do not care.

The amount of order, in anything I do, will show how much I care.

Not always, why.  Always how much.

The original post and my sloppy post.

Family posts on fb.

be sure to read VB’s response below to the video…from Voddie Baucham Ministries:Many people have asked for my opinion on this video, and rather than give a simplistic answer, allow me to point you to this article that I wrote: short, the artist substitutes ‘religion’ as a synonym for ‘hypocrisy,’ which leads to an inaccurate portrayal.

A poem I wrote to highlight the difference between Jesus and false religion. In the scriptures Jesus received the most opposition from the most religious peo…

    • Mark Casey Correct. I left no comment because he is doing something to Jesus to others while I sit here and judge him. Really. My first thought was to leave this comment. “you hate what you are called to do. Love Religiously. Obey Jesus, Religiously. Give Religiously. Pray, Religiously. …

    • Mark Casey Decided not to finish reading your blog. Man does not, in any way shape or form, reach for God. None. Zilch. Zero. Nada. Can not and will not happen. Ever. Respond only. d:~)

    • Mark Casey You are guilty of doing the same thing “the poet” did.

    • Mark Casey Will you forgive for these comments? If I do not care enough to proof read my comment, I will be quiet until I do care enough.

    • Mark Casey Always my first clue to being SELF centered, sloppiness.
      Insert picture of light bulb here.  Sound effect next.  Ding!
      You have to write about being sloppy.
      Ta da.
      Why would you post something so sloppy?
      Because your thinking is sloppy.
      Why is your thinking sloppy?
      Yeah, I have to pause here and think.
      Oh yeah, self-centered thinking is out of order.
      Now why would you think self-centered thinking is out of order?
      Thank you for asking.
      The Poet put his thoughts in order.
      The Poet took the time, energy and effort to think, write, involve others in a goal to share his personal view of  “false religion” and proclaim his faith.
      He is testifying.
      Telling the world, about Christ our King, in a way we should, could and choose not to.
       You are jealous, maybe?
      His boldness, should be mine.
      Now back to the question.
      It does not Glorify God, self-centered thinking.
      God is order.
      Do you religiously give, pray, work and help without Love.  Self-centered thinking,  You are out of order.
      By the grace of God, these words are in order.
      Without the WORD you can do nothing.  Literally.
      Yes, it took that long.
      I did not like his video at first.  I Judged him and it in seconds.
      Yep, that is what sloppy thinking does.

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