24 Jan

Are you hurt?

The cat with the broken jaw.  I touch the jaw to help it heal and the cat strikes me with its paws.

I touch the broken paw of my dog and it snaps at me with its jaws.

Each hurting creature will attack me as I attempt to help it heal.

I Am, forgives.

As a creature my pride is hurt.  Pride I should not have.

I will not bite you nor will I strike you.

Words are my attack.

Not sticks or stones.

Words that wound and keep on wounding every time you see my image or hear my name.

Your only defense is to forgive.

Will you, forgive?

Oh pride of mine leave me be.

I let you hurt those loving me.

What am I to do?

I Am to do as my Brother commands, forgive.

Pride, the reason for all my trouble.

I forgive as I should, yet trouble tries me more.

No longer my pride, it is yours.



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