28 Jan

Veranda Tea

In my eyes how clean am I?

In your eyes, how clean are you?

The restaurant slowly empties, the sever clears the table and begins to wipe it “clean”.

From my view, I see swirls and swipes of evenly spread muck.

The server sets the condiments in order and walks away.  

As I watch the muck dry, I wonder how the server can leave the table so filthy.

The sever is not the only person I have observed doing this.  Friends and relatives do the same.

They also mop the floors and clean other areas with the same, It looks clean to me, I am done, attitude and walk away.

I see the unclean area clearly, why do they not see it.

I get up and walk over to the, just wiped table and walk around it, moving to the place the server stood to so diligently spread the grease and grime.

There are no swipes and swirls seen, none, even from other angles not mine.

Now I understand how you see my faults, I so cleverly spread over, with words and actions.

Your eyes see the filth and foul.  The filth and foul I keep walking away from because I know I have cleaned this area of my life.

You bring it to my attention, and, of course I know you are wrong.

Wrong, until you find a way to show me how you see it and where you see it from.

I do not like you now, go away.

Enough time to share with friends and family how wrong your are. Share until one or to agree with you.

All alone now.  Looking for ways to not see what they have revealed, others can see what I so evenly hid.

Corrective action taken, apologies and forgiveness for all involved.  

We smile and laugh at how blind we are to our on faults.

Thankful we have friends and family, honest and loving enough to let us not like them, for awhile.

Another beam removed.

As iron sharpens iron so a friend sharpens a friend.


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